Blue Weaver General & Trade is a separate Division within the Company with its own dedicated marketing, promotions and sales team and staffing. The Division represents leading local publishers as well as well-known and respected International Trade Publishers. All titles are authored by recognized personalities in their fields of writing. Many of these titles have been nominated for awards in their respective areas of focus, including the Alan Paton and Sefika Booksellers Choice Awards.

Key Publishers within this Division include 30° South Publishers, Awesome South Africa, Metz Press, Modjaji BooksCasemate, Exisle Publishing, Search Press, Lochner PhotographyOrcaRowland Ward, SA Décor and Design, SA Rugby, Sports Books PublishingVision Sports and Verso Books. In addition to these Publishers, a number of individual best-selling titles make up a well sought after General Trade List. Links to all our key Publishers appear on the left.

The areas of focus of our General & Trade Publishers are varied:

  • 30° South Publishers and Casemate focus primarily on military history and memoirs. 30° South Publishers are regarded as a leader in the field of military books on Africa, South African Field Guides and Travel books on Africa.
  • Metz Press is a publisher of high-quality books and illustrated non-fiction titles in the areas of Craft (recognised as the leading Craft Publisher in South Africa), Gardening, Parenting and General Interest, which includes Cooking.
  • Modjaji Books publishes books by southern African female writers. The works consist of novels, short stories, memoirs, biographies, poetry, essays, narrative non-fiction and relevant non-fiction by new, established and award-winning female writers.
  • Exisle, an Australasian-based publisher, produces the kind of books that the larger publishers do not. In addition, they publish a wide range of high-quality non-fiction.
  • Auzou books and Salariya Publishing offer quality educational kids titles with dynamic illustrations and engaging content.   
  • Verso Books is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world, publishing one hundred books a year.
  • Orca, SA Rugby, Sports Books Publishing and Vision Sports publish sporting books and biographies for the avid Cricket, Soccer, Surfing and Tennis fan amongst others.
  • Lochner Photography generates quality sought after Photo Safari Coffee Table publications. The books capture the beauty of South Africa's National Parks, illustrating what makes South Africans proud and what makes tourists return year after year.

Blue Weaver General & Trade titles are available through all good bookshops as well as Booksite Afrika. Alternatively, titles are available online at, and Please direct any queries pertaining to our General & Trade titles to the Blue Weaver offices. A full stock, price and title listing of our General & Trade titles is also available.

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